Items /[Event] FESTA Coin

[Event] FESTA Coin

[Event] FESTA Coin - BDO

Weight: 0 LT

- Description:
A coin minted to be used during the FESTA. It's to make this special day a little more special! Take the coin to Lara in Heidel and exchange it for special gifts. <1 Quest per Family> - x70: [Event] Class Insignia Box - x60: Fantastic Young Dragon Surprise - x50: Advice of Valks (+100) - x40: [Event] Cosplay Accessory Selection Box - x30: [Event] Rare Courser Training Box x2 <1 Weekly Quest per Family> - x50: [Event] Long Journey Box - x40: Mythical Feather - x30: Advice of Valks (+60) - x20: Krogdalo's Origin Stone - x15: Memory Fragment x20 - x10: Item Collection Increase Scroll x3 - x10: [Event] Valks' Enhancement Help Kit (Press {KeyBind:Attack2} for detailed location)
- Buy Price: 100,000
- Sell Price: 10,000