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  • Vaha's Records #25: Plans for Kyve-ization

Vaha's Records #25: Plans for Kyve-ization

BDO Vaha's Records #25: Plans for Kyve-ization
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We cannot remain complacent. We need to hang on until Dehkia regains his memory and finishes re-creating Atoraxxion. Only then can we atone for our mistakes. We must complete a Kyve and wait until the right time comes. Like the master told us, we will arise and fight off the Dark Invaders when they re-awaken. And yet, we have no clue how to make a Kyve. We just might be able to use the master's Kyvelan Hexahedron to make a Kyve. I've still yet to fully understand its workings, but I do have some experience in modifying Kyvelan Hexahedrons. Even if it is an impossible task, we must still try. That is the only way we can carry out our destiny. After gathering my thoughts, I began thinking of plans, one by one. First, I must persuade the other Dehkimas. I cannot do this on my own.
Atoraxxion: Urukios and Lucretia
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