True Strength

BDO True Strength
- Description:
When I moved forward after defeating the weapons that unraveled the last thread, the Thread of the Sun, Yaz ran to me. She said she found a new record and showed me a part of it. ‘Atoraxxion will show its true worth on the day the dark invaders come. For the true strength of this stronghold, created in order to protect us, can only be demonstrated when a dark invader is detected.‘ ‘Master, what do you mean it will show its true strength?‘ ‘I mean the Heart of Atomagia will awaken.‘ After having read all of the record, Yaz asked me what the Heart of Atomagia was. She also told me to help save the survivors, then said that she will go back to Martha Kiyen and Lafi Bedmountain.
Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea Main Quest] You can find out by following the footsteps of the missing Martha and Lafi.
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