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  • True Strength of the Stronghold, The Heart of Atomagia

True Strength of the Stronghold, The Heart of Atomagia

BDO True Strength of the Stronghold, The Heart of Atomagia
- Description:
When the kyve recreates my body 49 years from now, the Heart of Atomagia will act as the power source of this stronghold. Therefore, to prevent its exposure to the Dark Invaders, I have hidden it well away from straying eyes. Right now it is powered-down, and provides only the bare minimum of power, but on that last day, this heart shall reveal its true form. On the last day, when the stronghold awakens, the 100,000-strong legion of Ators shall rise from the depths. And whomever does control the Heart of Atomagia, shall take command of this 100,000-strong legion. The Heart shall be a source of power for now and ever more. But should the worse occur and the heart be destroyed... Then hope will cease to exist in the world. I shall regard such a day as Atoraxxion's ultimate defeat. Yet even in such dire straits, I will refuse to yield to the Dark Invaders. And so to extinguish these vile creatures once and for all, I shall transmit with the last of my strength, a signal to all Ators, releasing all constraints on their power. All operational circuits shall be burnt out, and the Ators will receive the final command of destruction. And I shall reveal to you the most important function of the Heart of Atomagia. My dear beloved Dehkimas, whom shall be heralded as heroes on that last day. The Heart of Atomagia shall serve as the vessel for all of you to share your thoughts and emotions. Its function shall serve to draw upon your strengths and build upon your weaknesses. Heed these words. You must fight together as one. Repel the Dark Invaders from these lands, and welcome the coming of the new world, together with me. Tonight, I shall awaken the stronghold and raise the Black Moon to simulate the final day of battle. And from within... I shall hold the final Gladios. Only the blood shed in the spirit of fierce competition will activate the Heart of Atomagia. The last to remain shall emerge victorious, and shall be granted control of the Heart of Atomagia! - Dehkia
Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Sycrakea Main Quest] You will find out more about the role of the Heart of Atomagia as you unravel Syca's Thread.
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