Undocumented Outlanders

BDO Undocumented Outlanders
- Description:
As a pass is required for those passing through the Balacs Altar checkpoint, it is said that the number of undocumented outlanders hiding within the Mountain of Eternal Winter and the surrounding mountain ranges is increasing. Those hiding inside Camp Balacs in particular are said to be always snooping around camp for any crumbs they can find. Jorge, the manager of the Drieghan Camp, has been tasked with finding these undocumented outlanders, but they always seem to anticipate his movements and flee before he can catch them. That's why he relies on the help of travelers to find them. Recently, there have been reports of undocumented outlanders at Charbonneau Villa. They're apparently giving Jorge quite a headache.
Can be obtained through [Main Quest] - Mountain of Eternal Winter
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