Valorito's Achievements

BDO Valorito's Achievements
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One hundred years ago, after the end of the great battle between the Sherekhan and the dragons, Valorito, the first leader of the Abandoned Iron Mine Sezecs, came to these lands to find Markthanan. Valorito pushed through the blizzards, determined to find a safe haven for the Sezecs who had been wandering with him, displaced and unwanted. And so it was he pledged to serve Markthanan, the black dragon promising that he would burn Drieghan to the ground and give it to the Sezecs as reward. Ever since then, day by day, the Sezecs have been building the Barbarians' Tower, a tower made of pure black stones, and hoping above all else that this promised will be fulfilled.
Can be obtained through [Main Quest] - Mountain of Eternal Winter
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