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  • Yolu's Records #13: Sun's Stronghold

Yolu's Records #13: Sun's Stronghold

BDO Yolu's Records #13: Sun's Stronghold
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I must finish the thread before the next full moon rises...but I can't think of anything. I was stuck in my own head. Then Vaha and Syca both invited me to their own spaces, each offering assistance. Is there any clearer evidence that I will infact be the center of the coming future? When I arrived at Vaha's stronghold, there was no other way to describe it other than ‘perfect.‘ The threads were woven so elaborately and the weapons appeared as if they were breathing, so life-like. My mouth dropped. What came to mind was the sun in Yolunakea, it lit up the day and shone light upon all living things. What could he have possible seen in the outside world that had inspired him to design such a place? Vaha... I see him in a different light now.
Atoraxxion: Amarillos
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