Training of Wilderness #1

BDO Training of Wilderness #1
- Description:
The martial arts of the fist with the longest history in the distant lands is the one involving movements of the tiger, panther, snake, money, and crane. Master had told me it all started when the weak mankind shuddering under the greatness of nature, in hopes of gaining some force to stand with, started mocking the bestial motions of the birds and brutes. If I could ever go back to the times before the discovery of metal and fire, where only the strong will to survive against the brutal world existed, will I be able to surpass my limitations? This question mark haunted me all through the lonesome voyages on sea. When I had finally disembarked at Calpheon, the worries to find my true roots soon melted away as my days went by buried in the crowd of blue eyes and golden hair. But this is when yet another desire started blazing up. I needed to reach the ultimate stage of martial arts. I needed to be, the master of fighting. I settled down on a small valley in Southern Calpheon, and went into meditation and training right away.
Can be obtained through [Quest] Striker Awakening Weapon Quest
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