The Truth of Duvencrune's Old Book

BDO The Truth of Duvencrune's Old Book
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The Sherekhan warriors ruled over the Dragons using the Dragon's might for their own gains. They slaved the Dragons away to build buildings, and sold off the Dragon's eggs to amass great wealth. A large, powerful black stone was uncovered from the mine, and a rebellious Green Dragon spread its wings. The Green Dragon flew up from its nest in Tshira, headed for the mine, and swallowed the black stone whole. Its hide darkened, and its breath's intensity could incinerate any who drew near in an instant. The now-Black Dragon flew back to Tshira to protect its eggs that were in the nest... The Sherekhan swore on their lives that they would take down the Dragon. The cries of Dragons and the cursed blood of the Sherekhan... were spread all over Tshira, which melted down the newly-raised structures along with the woods. The ancestors would tell the next generation, ‘The Sherekhan and villagers tamed the Dragons, coexisting in peace and harmony.‘
Can be obtained through [Quest] Dragon's Truth, the Story of the Past
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An Old Book
An Old Book