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  • Young Fish Caught by an Eagle's Talons

Young Fish Caught by an Eagle's Talons

BDO Young Fish Caught by an Eagle's Talons
- Description:
It was none other than a descendant of a Vell Pirate who was arrested for sending a threatening mail to Jarette Domongatt, the daughter of the Lord of Heidel. She was arrested while loitering around the Western Guard Camp, but the Serendians were unwilling to punish her when she told them she was from Calpheon. However, things took a turn when Priest Arsen from the church in Heidel discovered she was a descendant of a Vell Pirate. The Vell Pirates were annihilated by the Calpheon navy near the coast of Epheria. She tried to lay blame on Calpheon and their actions against the crew, but the people of Calpheon denied her accusations and listed all the petty crimes she committed. In the end, she was punished by being sent to the Black Turtle Tribe in Oquilla's Eye, who were allegedly slaughtered by the Vell Pirates in the past. A mystery still remains to be solved: What did this woman try to blackmail Jarette Domongatt with?
Can be obtained through [Quest] if you have reached Lv. 50 The Black Spirit is claiming that Velia is hustling and bustling lately. What is that all about?
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