The Young Fish of the Gutters

BDO The Young Fish of the Gutters
- Description:
A descendant of a Vell Pirate, the Young Fish was born in the gutters of Calpheon City. The only source of comfort in her childhood was the faint moonlight shining through the gutters. One day, chasing the moonlight led her to a long-lost journal. It was filled with stories about star chasing pirates, an island called Oquilla's Eye protected by the twelve constellations, the great Vell Pirates off on a bold adventure and chasing after legends, and the story of Captain Leanar. Captain Leanar, who solemnly swore to protect the Heart of the Great Ocean against all harm and did her best to fulfill this mission against unjust scoundrels. It was more than just a journal for her. It was a dream of a life outside the gutters. It gave her hope and courage. Her dream didn't last long. Not long after, she realized that the man described in the journal was dead and long gone. What is more, the man in the journal was scorned upon by all in Calpheon. From the red-clad soldiers, to people in Calpheon market, all hated him and his ‘Vell Pirates.‘ Despite the grand stories from the journal, the Vell Pirates were not thought of with awe but were called the ‘Devils of the Sea,‘ who slaughtered an entire tribe who served the goddess of the sea and even corrupted the goddess so that she would unleash evil monsters in Margoria. Once the Young Fish made the connection between the 12 birthmarks at the back of her neck and the writings in the journal she found, she fled Calpheon and started to living under a false name.
Can be obtained through [Quest] if you have reached Lv. 50 The Black Spirit is claiming that Velia is hustling and bustling lately. What is that all about?
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