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Oxiterr Crystal

Oxiterr Crystal - BDO

Weight: 0.1 LT

- Description:
An uncontaminated piece of the Winter Tree. When you place it closely to your ear, it seems as if you can hear the laughter of the winter spirits. It's considered to be a very precious item in the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Bring them to Tabudai in Eilton to exchange them for something good. - Oxiterr Crystal x2 = Starlit Jade's Breath x1 Oxiterr Crystal x6 = Caphras Stone x1 Oxiterr Crystal x25 = Ouk Pill of Time and Tide x1 Oxiterr Crystal x25 = Supreme Cooking Utensil x1 Oxiterr Crystal x25 = Supreme Alchemy Tool x1 (Press {KeyBind:Attack2} for detailed location)