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Elixir of Demihuman Hunt

Elixir of Demihuman Hunt - BDO

Weight: 0.5 LT

- Description:
An elixir with an offensive function. - Usage: Gain the following effects - Effect: Extra Damage to Demihumans +10 - Duration: 10 min - Cooldown: 1 sec - For up to 5 party members. - How to Obtain: Craft via an Alchemy Tool in your residence with the following materials if at least Alchemy Apprentice 1 Sinner's Blood x1 Arrow Mushroom x4 Black Stone Powder x3 Fir Sap x4 ※ Craft Elixir of Demihuman Hunt for a low chance to obtain Fierce Demihuman Hunting Elixir if at least Alchemy Professional 1.
Item Gives Knowledge:
- Buy Price: 5,385
- Sell Price: 1,795